The Perfect Wood Floor For You

white oak compass medallion with maple and walnut accents


We have great knowledge in all wood floor installation methods, from standard nail down, glue down, floating to sports floors. Have an area you're not sure about, we can specify a wood floor installation method for your home.

Dustless floor sanding


Dustless sanding is used on your wood floor, Our equipment is serviced and kept up to date to insure a smooth flat sanding. Stain colors are custom mixed on site, in this way the color is sure to be the right one for your wood floor. From natural to ebonized and every color in between. We use only the finest waterbourne coatings to give a smooth clear matte finish. Using waterbased finishes gives us the advantage of knowing the exact dry times on your wood floor. No guessing here.


White oak border


Wood floor repairs are done with great care. Making sure the age, color and origin are taken into consideration. Altringer and Associates wants to achieve the greatest match we can to insure your satisfaction.

Large White oak and walnut floor medallion


All our specialty wood floors and accessories are built to order in our shop. Our staff will work with you to achieve the desired look you are after. Hand-scraped, borders, inlays, medallions, parquet, bending, stairs, moldings. Whatever you need we can do especially for you